Public sector & emergency services

Working in the UK's public sector can be mentally and emotionally challenging, as well as rewarding.

We are here to help reduce anxiety and stress.

We have a solution

We can train you to identify and prevent stress, anxiety, and depression in your team.

MHFA4U is an independently accredited course run by mental health professionals. We are sensitive to the specific stressors of life in Britain's public sector organisations and emergency services. Our experts  are ready to help.

  • MHFA4U gives you the tools you need to spot and address mental illness in your workforce
  • MHFA4U will help you identify the root cause and recommend secondary treatment paths
  • You will be able to put measures in place that help prevent future occurrences
  • This two-day course can accommodate groups of up to 12
  • This course is the most cost-effective course of its kind available in the UK
  • We are helping teams all over the country become part of the solution to workplace stress, anxiety and depression and now you can too

Just a few details

And you are on your way to facilitating better mental health in your place of work.